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The daughter of a secretary and a union carpenter, Diane Young grew up in Romeo where she was raised to work hard and always help others. 


Diane worked her way through school – cleaning houses, mowing lawns, farm work picking beans and tomatoes, minimum wage fast food jobs – whatever it took, and became a financial planner.


For over thirty years Diane has helped Michigan families like hers achieve their dreams.  The business she started with a folding table and a phonebook has now helped hundreds of Michiganders buy homes, save for college, and plan for the future; as well as advise scores of small businesses on their growth and success. 


Diane is running for Congress because she sees the financial challenges Michigan families face every day and how decisions in Washington impact their lives.  She’ll use her energy and know-how to tackle our toughest problems: 

  • Protecting Social Security and Medicare, the bedrock of retirement

  • Streamlining our tax code to give middle class families a break and ensure everyone pays their fair share

  • Protecting women’s rights to make their own health care and reproductive decisions.  From climate change to common sense gun safety

In Congress Diane will fight for the change we need.  Every day.


Now living in Warren with her husband, Diane is never far from her roots.  She still has proud union members in her family, she still loves a good hardware store or lumber yard, and she still finds ways both big and small to help out our community.


Most of all, Diane will never forget where she’s from and who she’s fighting for.

Diane Young and Hill Harper at Warren Sterling Heights Dem Club Dinner
Diane Young, Colleen Peters, Joyce Russel, Julianna Smoot, Jill Alper, Elisa Malile, Pete Keating
Diane Young for Congress speaking at the OPEIU Nurses Rally
Diane Young at Mom's Demand Action Roseville
Diane Young and Senator Debbie Statenow
Diane Young for Congress with Brendan Johnson
Diane Young for Congress at the East Point Dem Club Get together
Diane Young with Congresswoman Haley Stevens
Diane Young for Congress showing off some Thin Mints!
Diane Young for Congress with Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson
Diane Young Speaking at her Rochester Launch event
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