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Common Sense Gun Safety

The tragic toll of gun violence reverberates across our nation, hitting close to home with recent incidents at Oxford High School and Michigan State University.

We cannot afford to remain complacent. Every child deserves to attend school without the specter of fear looming over them, yet our reality forces teachers and students to confront the unimaginable. This status quo is unacceptable. It’s imperative that we take decisive action to protect our communities.

That’s why I am committed to fighting for comprehensive measures to address gun violence. This includes implementing universal background checks, enacting red flag laws, and closing loopholes like those found at gun shows and in relationships where individuals pose a risk. Additionally, I advocate for a ban on assault weapons, weapons designed for maximum harm and devastation.

Moreover, it’s crucial that we tackle the mental health crisis gripping our communities. Our law enforcement officers and public safety professionals are on the front lines, contending with a myriad of mental health and substance abuse challenges in the line of duty. They require adequate resources and support to effectively address these issues and keep our communities safe. By investing in mental health services and providing the necessary resources, we can better equip our first responders to confront these challenges head-on.

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