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Meet Diane Young

For Diane Young, working hard and always helping others is something she was raised to do – from the beginning. 

The daughter of a secretary and a union carpenter, Diane grew up in Macomb and saw firsthand how when times are tough, a community can come together to support their own.  Whether it was church potlucks, fundraising drives, or simply helping her elderly neighbors, Diane and her family were always there to pitch in for others.  Neighbor helping neighbor is the Michigan way.

There were lean times at home too, summers when work was scarce and Diane stood with her father in unemployment lines.  But they always found a way to make it, like building new cabinets in exchange for dental work or family haircuts.

Diane worked her way through school – cleaning houses, mowing lawns, farm work picking beans and tomatoes, minimum wage fast food jobs – whatever it took.

It was in college at Oakland University where Diane met her husband, Randy.  While still in school and newly married, they moved to New York for Randy’s career and education, where Diane was recruited into the financial services industry.  With her love of people and dedication to her clients, Diane quickly excelled, and her career looked bright.  But New York was no place to raise a family and when the opportunity came to move back to Michigan, Diane and Randy, along with their two young children, came home for good.

Four years later Diane opened her own financial planning firm in Downtown Rochester with a simple goal:  To help Michigan families like hers achieve their dreams.  A business she started with a folding table and a phonebook has now helped hundreds of Michiganders buy homes, save for college, and plan for the future; as well as advise scores of small businesses on their growth and success.  

Along the way, Diane has become a linchpin of her community.  She is a sought-after public speaker and coach, a mentor to young business leaders, a local financial planning columnist, and the author of a book on financial planning and empowerment for women.  Diane has held volunteer leadership positions in the Girl Scouts of Southeastern Michigan, Paint Creek Center for the Arts, Inforum, the Rochester Rotary Charities Board, the Warren Symphony Orchestra, and the Financial Planning Association of Michigan among others.

Now Diane is running for Congress because as a financial planner for over thirty years, she knows the financial problems Michigan families face and how decisions in Washington impact our lives every day.  It’s getting harder to make it into the middle class and all people are looking for is a fair shot.  Diane will use her energy and know-how to tackle our toughest problems:  Protecting Social Security and Medicare, the bedrock of retirement; streamlining our tax code to give middle class families a break and ensure everyone pays their fair share; and protecting women’s rights to make their own health care and reproductive decisions.  From climate change to common sense gun safety, in Congress Diane will fight for the change we need.  Every day.

Now living in Warren with her husband, Diane is never far from her roots.  She still has proud union members in her family, she still loves a good hardware store or lumber yard, and she still finds ways both big and small to help out our community.

Most of all, Diane will never forget where she’s from and who she’s fighting for.

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