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I grew up in a union household, so I know what a vital role in protecting the rights and interests of workers across the country. They have been instrumental in securing fair wages, safe working conditions, and essential benefits for millions of workers. As a strong advocate for workers’ rights, I believe in the power of collective bargaining and the importance of supporting unions.

Unions provide a platform for workers to come together and negotiate with their employers for better pay, benefits, and working conditions. They ensure that workers have a voice in the workplace and are not subject to unfair treatment or exploitation. By standing together, workers can address issues such as discrimination, harassment, and unsafe working conditions, creating a safer and more equitable work environment for all.

Unions also play a crucial role in addressing income inequality. They help to narrow the wage gap by advocating for fair wages and benefits for all workers, regardless of their background or occupation. By fighting for higher wages, unions not only improve the lives of individual workers but also stimulate economic growth and strengthen local communities.

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