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Dina Carlisle

OPEIU Local 40 President

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George Troia, Jr.

Detroit Federation of Musicians President

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Brian Gregg

Roofers Local 149 Business Manager

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Michigan Democratic Veterans Caucus

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Patriotic Millionaires

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Moms Demand

Moms Demand Action

2024 Gun Sense Candidate Distinction

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Evan Pratt

Protecting Our Michigan Water

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Howie Klein

Founder of Blue America PAC

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Mallory McMorrow

Michigan State Senator

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Rosemary Bayer

Michigan State Senator

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Lori Stone

Mayor of Warren

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Angela Rogensues

Warren City Council President

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Christine Greig

Former Michigan House Minority Leader

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Maureen Stapleton sideways

Former State Rep.

Maureen Stapleton

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brendan johnson

Oakland County Commissioner

Brendan Johnson

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Mai Xiong

Mai Xiong

Macomb County Commissioner

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Jm Nash

Jim Nash

Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner

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Melody Magee

Melody Magee

Precinct Delegate and Community Activist

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Carmi Finn

Carmi Finn

Precinct Delegate and Community Activist

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Jackie Kelly

Precinct Delegate

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Casandra Ulbrich

Casandra Ulbrich

Former State Board of Education President

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Ravi Yalamanchi

Former Rochester City Councilman

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Dr. Pamela Jackson

Oakland Community College Chair

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Kevin Higgins

Kevin Higgins

Warren Zoning Board and Precinct Delegate

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Brian Dunphy

Precinct Delegate

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Yvonne Kniaz

Former Sterling Heights City Councilwoman

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More Endorsements

Precinct Delegate Linda Pidutti

Precinct Delegate Timothy Zollner

Precinct Delegate Suzanne Separa

Precinct Delegate Mary Hall-Rayford

Precinct Delegate David Vale

Precinct Delegate Michelle Smith

Precinct Delegate Eric Welsby

Precinct Delegate Warren Hoover

Center Line Schools Treasurer Henry Newnan

Rochester Hills City Councilwoman Dr. Susan Bowyer

Former Rochester City Councilman Dean Bevacqua

Precinct Delegate Birdie Nash

Precinct Delegate Susan Diliberti

Precinct Delegate Candy Harris

Precinct Delegate Bruce Fealk

Precinct Delegate George Chapp

Precinct Delegate Sarah Redmond

Precinct Delegate Linda Koch

Precinct Delegate Margaret Fisk

Precinct Delegate Phil Reid

Precinct Delegate Laura Murphy

Precinct Delegate Barbara Geck

Community Activist Larry Lipton

Precinct Delegate Donna Stache

Precinct Delegate Toni Sanchez-Murphy

Precinct Delegate Jay Labban

Precinct Delegate Frank Coa

Precinct Delegate Sue Cronizer

Precinct Delegate Michelle Simasko

Precinct Delegate Kathleen Fitzgerald

Precinct Delegate Nora DiLaura

Precinct Delegate Helen Springer

Community Activist Gerald Hasspacher

Precinct Delegate Frank Rizzo

Precinct Delegate Kathy Pritchard

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