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Young Condemns Detroit Free Press Editorial Board For Failing To Interview Women Candidates

Jun 11, 2024

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June 11, 2024

Contact: Nikolin Turtulli

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Young Condemns Detroit Free Press Editorial Board For Failing To Interview Women Candidates 

In the Detroit Free Press’s editorial board interviews on the primary race for the Michigan 10th district, the Free Press failed to offer an interview to the strongest women candidates in this primary election. It is crucial for the endorsement process to be open and transparent, giving all candidates a fair opportunity to present their platforms and visions for the community. With well over half of Michigan voters expected to be women, this failure to interview women candidates by the Free Press is even more detrimental. Excluding any candidate undermines the democratic process, diminishes their journalistic integrity, and fails to assist voters in making fully informed decisions.

In response to the Detroit Free Press’s failures, candidate Diane Young issued the following statement: 

“Our campaign, which is rooted in protecting working-class families, has been endorsed by over 60 Michigan leaders, several labor unions, and numerous local and national organizations,” said Diane Young. “By not providing a fair process, the Detroit Free Press limits access to diverse perspectives and potential solutions that directly impact working Michiganders. We believe that every voice deserves to be heard, and we will continue to advocate for a more inclusive approach in future endorsement considerations.”

The daughter of a secretary and a union carpenter, Diane Young grew up in Macomb County where she was raised to work hard and always help others. Diane worked her way through school and became a financial planner. For over thirty years Diane has helped Michigan families like hers achieve their dreams. The business she started with a folding table and a phonebook has now helped hundreds of Michiganders buy homes, save for college, and plan for the future; as well as advise scores of small businesses on their growth and success. Diane lives in Warren with her husband, in a family of proud union members. She still finds ways both big and small to help out our community.


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