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Diane is standing up for Michigan Families

Rebuilding the Middle Class

Raised by a union carpenter and a secretary in Macomb County, I grew up knowing that our economy is propelled by middle-class families like that one she grew up in. My parents instilled the meaning of hard work. That’s why I did whatever it took to make ends meet, from picking tomatoes on farms in Northern Macomb to working at Lakeside Mall to put myself through school. 


Now after 30 years running my small business as a financial planner, I understand the challenges Michigan families face as I help families save to buy their first home, afford school, and retire with dignity. As the cost of everyday goods goes up, I know no one has been squeezed more than everyday Michiganders.


That’s why I’ll work with Democrats and Republicans to lower the cost of living and improve the financial health of working families. We must strengthen the path to the middle class by investing in access to career and technical training, apprenticeship programs and trade school opportunities which can lead to good-paying, union jobs.


From expanding investments in mom-and-pop businesses, to promoting more affordable housing options, to ensuring a quality education is accessible no matter your zip code, I will be a forceful advocate in Washington to get the job done for our community.

Common Sense Gun Safety 

The devastating impact of gun violence has been felt throughout our nation, even as close as Oxford High School and Michigan State University. 


We can and must do better. Our children should be able to go to school without fear, but instead teachers and students must be prepared for the unthinkable. They deserve better. That’s why I will fight to ensure we have universal background checks including red flag laws and closing the gun show and boyfriend loopholes, and a ban on assault weapons.


We also need to help communities address the mental health crisis. Our police officers and public safety professionals are on the front lines and need resources to address the variety of mental health and drug abuse challenges they face on the job. 

Reproductive Freedom

Simply put, women deserve full autonomy over their bodies. Neither government nor politicians have a role in the doctor’s office. That’s why I’ll always fight to protect reproductive freedom and defend abortion access against extreme Republican attacks including attempts to pass a national abortion ban. 


We must also work to improve women’s health. That includes reducing maternal mortality, especially for women of color, and working towards comprehensive policies that provide maternity leave.  

Protecting Social Security and Medicare

As a financial planner, I see how important Social Security and Medicare are to providing a secure retirement. We must continue to live up to the promise that after paying into these programs, they will be there for us when we retire. While Washington Republicans have a decades long history of trying to privatize or gut these critical programs, I will work to ensure seniors who rely on social security have them when they need it most.

Protecting our Environment

We need people in Congress who believe in science so we can fight climate change and tackle the impacts we are seeing today. Already, climate change is resulting in hotter days, causing more frequent toxic algae blooms, and reducing our air quality.


The Great Lakes is simply a part of our way of life as Michiganders. That’s why I’ll always fight to defend them and protect them for future generations. In Congress, I will always fight anyone who tries to drill on the Great Lakes, take on corporate polluters, and ensure our local communities have access to clean and accessible drinking water.

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