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The 10th Congressional District

The 10th Congressional District was a newly formed district in 2022 as a result of the independent redistricting commission. It covers a wide area of diverse regions and groups. Diane is fortunate to have deep roots in many areas of the district, from having one of her first jobs at Lakeside Mall in Sterling Heights, to living in Rochester for 14 years and still owning the business she founded in 2004 in Rochester Hills. Diane and her husband have been living in Warren since 2017 where Randy is an Associate Dean of Science at Macomb Community College. Diane has been active in organizations like Paint Creek Center for Arts in Rochester, the Warren Symphony Orchestra, The Rochester Women's Fund, The Women of Warren just to name a few. In their free time, Diane and Randy enjoy boating on Lake St. Clair.


Diane is committed to representing all parts of the district and listening to all the voices in the community.

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